Bring on my Vacation. Time to play.

Diamond Rock.



Yes it is that time again, Just finished my stint of thirteen weeks aboard the boat and not scheduled to return for seven more weeks. So time to play and lay in the sun.

I need to buy my flight today and head off tomorrow or wednesday back to Dominican Republic. That is where I hang out when not on the boat. I have already called the apartment and arranged for some food and a couple of beers to be ready for my arrival. There are some things which I need to do whilst over in DR, one of which is my check up to the dentist, after having Lower Jaw implants fitted three months ago, I need to check that the dentist is happy with them before I can have the Bridge made and fitted. What would have been an impossibility some years ago due to me fear of Dentists is now becoming a reality thanks to the advances in Anaesthesiology and the caring people of Dental cibao

I also relish the chance to do some Kitesurfing down on Cabarete beach, maybe some diving along the south coast and also getting some time online to read and learn more internet stuff. I would like to learn how to write a book and sell it on amazon.


Back to today though, it is now 9am, I am on Vacation, time for a beer!! ¬†Catch you laterz…………




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