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SO, here I am working back on Caribbean Explorer ll in St Kitts.  I have been lucky to have worked here with Explorer Ventures  for nearly five years and even with my rusty mental arithmetic this means that I have done this trip around about 200 times.  It doesn’t get old though, in fact it just gets better and better. When I first came here I didn’t have a smart phone and I couldn’t post photos to Facebook. In fact did we have Facebook in 2007? The internet certainly has made things a lot more ‘comfortable; that’s for sure.


Dental Update.

I opted to have Dental Implants in May after my Bike crash was keeping me off from work, I thought it would be a good time to take the plunge. My bottom teeth were not so good and I was very self-conscious of them, so I went to probably the best Dental clinic in Dominican Republic.

Check out the Dental Cibao website.

 They took good care of me and pain was very little. The Implants needed a couple of months to ‘bed in’ and I recently went back and had the teeth made and fitted. Now they are all screwed down and I have a mouth full of Titanium. Here is my final X-Ray.

The top teeth is a full bridge which was done in Budapest some eight years ago, and on the bottom you can see the new Implants and the bar which supports the teeth. I must have a yearly check up and clean to keep the warranty (five-year warranty on implants and work).

X-Ray of my mouth showing new Implants.I had my Dental Implants finished as you can see, the Doc said it was a tricky case, as you can see in the X-Ray one side of my jaw is quite lower than the other side, and for this reason the metal bar was quite a test for the Lab Technician’s skill. and he was very pleased with the outcome, apparently my whole skull is a little twisted and the teeth are not level, so his expertise was greatly appreciated by me. He is using me as a case study when he teaches Implantry in Colombia and other South American countries.

I now have for the first time in my life, a proper bite and I can tell you that It feels good. I can munch through an apple like Godzilla eating little people.

I had the work done in Dominican Republic. Great price and I am very pleased with the result. Not much pain either which is a bonus.

Here on the boat it is a problem when I have a photo taken now, as I want to show off all my teeth but it looks funny when i try!



I shall be here in St Kitts until April and after that I am not sure where or what I shall be doing. This is my default though, I love it here.  The food is not bad either.


larrys fish, but no larry!

I like my own cooking which is a good thing I guess. the bean salad with Coconut milk was a big hit.

As I sit here typing my eyes are starting to close so I shall finish up and go get some sleep, we are leaving the dock tomorrow morning at 7am’ish for another great week of diving and fun. New group of divers so hopefully they enjoy the week. I think they will.

Adios Muchachos……………

signing off


dave xx

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