A Dave Tuna Publishing Career Beckons?

Well, yet again another huge gap in my Blog……….

I was busy working on the boat up until october and then I was off to Ft Lauderdale to see if I could do my Capt Course but when I got there they seemed to have changed the Seatime requirements. I do not have required Seatime now. After Eight years working on a Liveaboard, they tell me that my Seatime is no good. Apparently I need to work on a smaller boat, and also work out of the Caribbean, in tidal waters. Fair enough.

I am thinking that is not to be.

So,I have embarked on a new journey. I have entered the world of Ebooks. Actually learning how to use the computer properly!! Fancy that!

I spent hours and hours online watching YouTube videos and reading ‘How To’ articles. Apparently the way to do it is to outsource your work, and so I am getting ready to start some of that. Plenty of people who can do what I need to get done in a fraction of the time it would take me.

I did however get my first three books up and selling on Amazon.com. One is a personal journey type book, and the other two are Scuba Dive Site Guides for both Saba and St. Kitts.

Here is the link to see My New Kindle Books.

I am hoping to get a new book done every week while I am learning. Once you get the hand of it, it is good fun. The sky is the limit. A world market. Excellent stuff.

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