Four Books down, 196 to go.

I am learning lots right now, and I hope something comes of it. I kinda have four ebooks done, although I still need to add content to one of them. There is so much info pushing me from one place to another that it makes me a little dizzy, but like most things, a few weeks down the line and i shall be able to look back and see where I have come from. I could teach other people just the things that I have learned in the last four weeks.

Here in Dominican Republic it is still lovely and warm this february, shorts weather, as we say in the UK. I had a nice walk along the beach this morning in the rain, once up and down the beach was about one hours walk. I tried to run a little but I am still a little lob sided from my accident.

Try Try again, persistance is surely the key to most things in life. Don’t give in, keep plugging away, after a while, as I said, you can look back and see how far you have come. If you keep on going while others give up, things are acheivable. This surely is the journey of life which we talk about. I have a list of books or rather ideas for short books. my lates one can be found here

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