Is scuba diving the best way to spend your time?

Good question. The quick answer is…….maybe. There are many great ways to spend your time. Wether you like to potter around in the garage working on your collecters car, or wether you climb mountains, or surf, or…….you get the picture.

Whatever you do, if you love to do it, then of course it is a great way to spend your time.

I have been a certified diver for 18 years now, (over one third of my life) and even though most of my diving has been spent at the same locations, namely Saba, St Kitts and Turks and Caicos, I absolutely love to jump in, drop down and hang out with the fishes. Its never the same day to day, week from week. Conditions change throughout the month and throughout the lunar cycle the fish can act differently also. Night dives can take on an eery aspect when it is a full moon, and similarly when there is no moon, the fish can go crazy sometimes, the reef sharks chasing around bumping into everything…….

The last few weeks here in the caribbean have been a little cloudy, but hopefully the wind moving around to the south will bring some warmer clearer waters. I had 81 degrees on my dive computer last week—hooray, summer is nearly here!

We will be heading off later on tonight for another great week with our new guests, which include a family of eight people. Eight members of the same family coming out with us for a week of diving. Now THAT is a great way to spend your time, with people who you love, doing something that you love, in a place that you love……….not too shabby.

Other news, One of the guests had bought my dive guide books on kindle which is great. We shall see (for fun) how he scores the dive sites as we work through them.

I am slowly working on the books, I now have seven, and of course I am working on a few more. I am also working on making my site a little more fluent as I shall be linking it with my books and when I get the chance to do some youtube videos, I shall link the three together.

Talking of links, here is the link to my books on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.50.07 PM

This book is selling well, there are many people who have not realised how so much sugar gets into the typical diet, and so consequently this book can help you weed out the sugar and get back to a more natural and healthy food diet, delete the hidden sugars, and get back into the habit of eating good balanced diet. Onwards and upwards ladies and Gents………….