St. Marten…..not a bad place to be holed up?

Hi again, I haven’t posted for a while now, been kind of busy with work as usual……..but now we have a few weeks without any charter I can post a few bits………The boat is getting cut up and rewelded by keith and Terence………I have been cooking just lately, so not a whole lot to do in the galley, cleaning and tidying up and maybe putting in a few new shelves. On the dive deck, we will be doing all the tank VIP’s (visual inspections) and once again tidying up and hopefully painting….oh I love to paint the dive deck……..seriously. It’s like feng shui! We have some new crew once again, so training and fire drills are the norm. I am also hoping to get out diving with Octopus diving on my day off.

Bookwise, things are going well. I am making a monthly residual now, and working on building that up as time goes on. you can check out some of my books here more coming as we speak, remember to sign up on the free boks page and i will send new ones to you for free…………yes free.

well, back to the grind now, shall post more later on.

keep diving