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Hi, Disco Dave here with some scuba memories.

Considering that I worked for Eight years on Liveaboard Dive Boats, I don’t have many photos of myself diving.

However I do have a few photos and videos of you guys (guests) so I thought it might be a good idea to put up a page for scuba stuff. In no particular order I will post photos and please forgive me if I cannot remember your name. After working for  www.Agressor.com for the first year 2005-2006, I started working for www.explorerventures.com in August 2007. I worked in the Eastern Caribbean to begin with, moving over to Turks and Caicos in march 2008. I worked in T&C for about 18 months, after which time  I was asked to take an ‘extended’ vacation due to myself getting frustrated with some aspects of the work there.

Two months later, and I was back on the CEXll on the Eastern Caribbean route. Glad to be back on the boat and very glad to be diving everyday. I ended up doing the St Marten-Saba-St Kitts route about 120 times.

I , Disco dave, have to admit that I did prefer diving in St Kitts. Diving there for me, I found so many different creatures and dive sites like the ‘River Taw’ are just really beautiful little dives which can be enjoyed by beginner and experienced divers alike.

Saba is a lovely little Island, stuck there out on its own in the middle of nowhere. The diving there is great all year round, and I had the pleasure of diving Sava in all types of conditions, mostly good, but I do remember some terrible conditions, on  one dive, at Ladder Lab, I lost all the guests within ten seconds of going down the mooring line, what with the visibility being so bad that day. I am glad to say though that mostly Saba diving is lovely and calm with 100ft+ vis. This week I saw a Manta Ray.

And for anybody who doesn’t know why I was called Disco Dave, maybe you can guess? Tim Garrett first called me ‘Disco Dave’ after I was asking him ‘where does dis go?’ ‘where does dis go?’ and Disco dave was born.

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    • Yes Tommy, I remember you coming down the mooring line and crashing into all the other divers…….lol

      You have come a long way…………will be good to see you again.

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