Tuna’s Recipes and cooking tips…….(cheats)!

Ok so I thoughtI had some recipes on my site but apparently not.

so I shall endeavor to put some info on here for my trusty guests who ask me for recipes and cooking tips.



I make very simple soups on the boat and generally they are well received. Here’s how I do them.

Use dried beans or pulses or veg.

sweat off the beans or veg in a little olive oil until coloured and tender. Add a couple of chopped potatoes or rice to help thicken the soup.

Add water and bring to boil.

When boiling, turn down to simmer, and slowly cook out the soup.

Blend with hand blender, add couple of stock cubes and correct the seasoning. I like to use ‘old bay seasoning’ when i have it. I like a seasoning that does not have MSG.

correct the consistency if too thick,add some water or milk. If too thin, use a little cornstarch.

If making a tomato or carrot soup, add a little vinegar and sugar reduction (a cup of vinegar, any will do, and half a cup of sugar)

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